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Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service

We are specialists in overhead garage door repair services and respond quickly

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Gate Repair Services

Gate Repair Services

We are garage door experts but also specialize in gate repair, maintenance and installation services

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

From the replacement to the adjustment and installation of garage door springs, Garage Door Repair in Flushing guarantees fast response services.

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Excellent garage repair and maintenance service

This page will help you with maintenance. Read some of these garage door tips today.

Get two torsion springs

People often wonder whether to get one or two torsion springs for their garage doors and the truth is that this would depend on the weight of the door according to our garage door company in Flushing. It's certainly helpful having two springs but it's best to choose two of the same size to have similar lifespan expectancy.

Be aware of the length of tracks

Garage door tracks come in different lengths depending on the size of the door and the garage system. Overhead doors have three sections: vertical, curved and horizontal tracks. If you don't get the right length of horizontal tracks, for example, the door will not open all the way. Measure them before ordering new ones.

Use your automatic garage door smartly

Don’t overuse your automatic garage door! It is highly suggested you only open and close your garage door when necessary to prevent wear on mechanics.

Increase your garage door’s security

In order to be fully protected, you can add to your garage door existing lockset a keyed lock. Moreover, if you are fond of technology, a trick lock will suit your needs taking into consideration the fact that you will not be able to activate your door without a personal passcode.For more assistance you can contact one of our representatives in Flushing.

Have a reinforcement bracket for safety

A reinforcement bracket is installed on the top part of the door, to ensure that the garage door opener works swiftly. Without it, you might get your opener overworked and as a result, it may break easily. Check the manufacturer’s manual for this important detail.

Safe garage door operation

You should never walk, stand or run under a moving door. For safety purposes, you should never try to enter or perhaps exit the garage by racing under a moving door. Keep your hands and fingers away from the door sections when closing or opening the door to avoid any injury.

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